Wichita- East

8037 E. Peachtree Ln.


  • We can hold approximately 80 painters in this location.  The main room holds approximately 50 painters and the splatter room can hold around 30.
  • Each area has a party room in our east location that is set generally used for food or kid parties as the party area after painting.
  • We do not have a fridge or ice.
  • Our East Wichita location (Kellogg & Rock) holds two parties simultaneously in separate rooms, the larger room defaults to the biggest group.

If booking a private party in our east location, please note that the back room is generally given to the larger party or the adult party.  Smaller parties will be in the front room and will also have a large party table area.

Click here to book a party at East Wichita Paint the Towne

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